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Das Buch: Johannisburg in Ostpreußen. - Für weitere Infos hier klicken!

Johannisburg in Ostpreußen

Videos aus Masuren und dem Kreis Johannisburg. - Für weitere Infos hier klicken!
Hermann Sudermann - Erinnerung an einen ostpreußischen Dichter - Für weitere Infos hier klicken!
Hermann Sudermann
Gedenkschrift - 70 Jahre LO-NRW
70 Jahre LO Landesgr. NRW
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Stanisław Antoni Szczuka, of Grabie coat of arms (1652 or 1654-1710)

Marshal of the extraordinary Seym in Warsaw 17 XI 1688-1 IV 1689 and the pacification Seym in Warsaw 16-30 VI 1699.

Referendary of the Crown from 1688, Envoy of the Commonwealth in Prussia in 1690, Grand Vice-Chancellor of Lithuania from 1699.

He came from a middle-gentry family and it was only due to his talents and diligence that he acquired top public offices. He began career as a secretary to King Jan Sobieski. After 1696 he became an adviser to August II . In 1706 he went over to Stanisław Leszczyński's side. A political writer - apart from Seym speeches he published deliberations about the Commonwealth 'Eclipsis Poloniae Orbi Publico Demonstrata'(1709), where he presented the projects of treasury reforms ( restitution of royal lands), army reforms and also postulated establishing a network of free state schools.

Portrait of Stanisław Antoni Szczuka, 17th c.
undefined Polish painter, oil canvas; 201cm x 123cm,
The National Museum in Warsaw, Wilanów Branch (cat. no 1234 Wil.)

Source / Quelle:
http://libr.sejm.gov.pl/ars10/marshal/ehtml/szczu137.html, 2012

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Stanisław Antoni Szczuka


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